About The Craft Can Trade Directory

Trade Sales

The CraftCan Directory are proud to be associated with Europes’ largest Small Scale Contract packer or beers, lagers and ciders.

The CraftCan Directory is the place where Retailers have the ability to purchase products direct from the producers. Our arrangement is that we are the dedicated distributors of products packaged by the largest contracted packers in Europe packing for over 150 different breweries and cider makers. By this very arrangement we are able to achieve what no other can provide in respect to European Craft Beers. And the list is a growing one to !

Through this association we are able to deliver the following;

Largest Range of Craft Beers, Lagers and Ciders

Freshest product (order as they come off the line)

Exclusive Products

First to market (we provide you with a 6 week forecast of products coming off production)

Impressive Commercials (we’ve cut out the middle man !)

Quality products (you will not find any issues with products we supply)

No minimum order volumes



Consumable Supply

The CraftCan Directory, in association with Europes largest ‘small-scale’ contract canning company, provides a range of consumable products to facilitate small scale packaging.

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide consumables without pressure on minimum order volumes.

You will find a range of cans, branding methods, final packaging and other consumables which will assist customers either involved in production or retail of small scale packaging.

Through our association with the purchasing ability of WeCan Solutions we are able to offer these consumables without the hassle of account creations with the major suppliers, with no set up charge, no template charges and no storage fees. This makes purchasing through the CraftCan Directory the most cost effective method of acquiring consumables relating to this industry.

We at the CraftCan Directory value our interaction with our customers so that they benefit from the detail and advise we are able to provide. Although we have considerable purchasing ability we remain flexible and will continue to drive innovation in this market.

Not only will you find that we have the most cost effective commercials we also have developed an excellent logistical arrangement resulting in yet further cost savings.

The CraftCan Directory is by far the easiest and most competitive place to purchase consumable products.